Thursday, March 4, 2010

Layout Sharing!

Of course being a great nana I am teaching Julia young. She scrapbooked her first page today!

"kisses" one of my favorite layouts. Liz has always wanted to swim with the dolphins and during their first trip to cancun she was able to live her dream.

"two fab girls" one of my very favorite sets of photos of Ron's mom Barb who we lost a couple of years ago. She and Heather were glamming for the camera at an anniversary party we all attended.

"superdude ryan" an obvious choice for a Halloween party since he has a superman tattoo, a huge collection of superman t-shirts, shorts, pj bottoms and other things!

"coolness" always ready for photos but they have to be cool photos my nieces Ashlynn and Meagan makes a scrapping auntie very busy!

"Work in progress" my niece Ashlynn who is forever changing her hair color, her hair style and her hair looks!

"meagan thoughts" a really cute photo I captured of my niece Meagan when she was thinking of what she wanted to eat.

"ryan and liz 2008" just a nice shot of the two of them when they were out with friends.

"ryan and liz" 2003 during the trip to Reno, Nevada where Ney proposed to Heather while she was sitting in the chair they are sitting in. They were not married yet at this time.

"100% Cute" JuJu 2007 on our patio in the backyard.

"Halloween 2009" was the year that Julia really figured out the whole trick or treat thing and dressed up as batgirl. It was also the year Tyler decided he was to old to dress up but not to old to get candy! Also shown are my nieces Bekah and Jamie.

"Share" layout photo taken in Old town Colfax during one of our family outings. Ryan and Liz bought their ice cream to share. Young love at it's best. I want my own ice cream after 32 years of marriage LOL!

12 layouts in 2 days. Yeah for me! I am back into the scrapping addiction for sure. "diva liz" I finished tonight. These shots are from ryan and liz's 2nd trip to cancun in 2009.

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  1. YIPPEE!! WTG Julia! I am so proud of her! What a great page! I love all of your pages too!