Saturday, November 21, 2009

Life In General

Saturday night in our home is usually quiet, not tonight! Tonight we have both grandkids here staying the night. Tyler is our oldest grandchild and he is on his way to being a teenager in March. Julia is 5 and in kindergarten.
I love being a "nana"...had I only known what was ahead when I was going through the stress of being a parent...that there was a reward at the end of it all! Grandkids!!!
We had pizza for dinner followed by a choice of 3 types of ice cream topped with chocolate syrup. I heard Julia saying ummm several times at the kitchen table. I think she was quite impressed with her choice of ice cream. Tyler ate 3 pieces of pizza, a huge bowl of ice cream and then wanted homemade hashbrowns. I forget at times just what it means to be feeding a pre-teen boy.
We have now taken pigtails out of our hair and put on our Disney Princesses nightie and got our blankie and are settled in by Grandpa to watch TV. Tyler has been watching some movie that is 3 hours long about the Roman Empire and wars. (Not my cup of tea)!
It is now quiet and I can find time to figure out this whole blogging thing. I am sure there will a large variety of posts on here according to how each day goes. Raves, Rants, Love, Anger it could all be displayed here so I will give you fair warning :-)