Thursday, November 18, 2010

Now that life has settled down for our family I look forward to settling in for the holidays and doing a lot of scrapbooking. I recently reorganized my room and am currently buying the jet max pieces at Michaels to further organize. I bought one of the wall units and a ribbon holder and it is amazing just how much these two items hold and it is all displayed so pretty and easy to find!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Have finally gotten the scrapping bug again after months of saying "I need to" and "tonight" I am finally at it again. I do not know why it is that I stop because I enjoy it so much and it is such a great stress reliever to boot!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Scrapping

Once the bug bit me it bit me hard! I have spent the day on and off between cleaning and taking care of the grandkids doing some more scrapping. I am even stressed as I am almost out of glue and know I will be running out of adhesive squares. Wonder if Ron would take an 11 pm run to Walmart to make sure I have enough to get through the night LOL!
Anyways, here are the layouts of the day. I did some of my cousin Gwenna who I adore. She is like the sister I never had. We spent our entire lives growing up together and to this day are still very close and support each other in lifes ups and downs.

Layout Sharing!

Of course being a great nana I am teaching Julia young. She scrapbooked her first page today!

"kisses" one of my favorite layouts. Liz has always wanted to swim with the dolphins and during their first trip to cancun she was able to live her dream.

"two fab girls" one of my very favorite sets of photos of Ron's mom Barb who we lost a couple of years ago. She and Heather were glamming for the camera at an anniversary party we all attended.

"superdude ryan" an obvious choice for a Halloween party since he has a superman tattoo, a huge collection of superman t-shirts, shorts, pj bottoms and other things!

"coolness" always ready for photos but they have to be cool photos my nieces Ashlynn and Meagan makes a scrapping auntie very busy!

"Work in progress" my niece Ashlynn who is forever changing her hair color, her hair style and her hair looks!

"meagan thoughts" a really cute photo I captured of my niece Meagan when she was thinking of what she wanted to eat.

"ryan and liz 2008" just a nice shot of the two of them when they were out with friends.

"ryan and liz" 2003 during the trip to Reno, Nevada where Ney proposed to Heather while she was sitting in the chair they are sitting in. They were not married yet at this time.

"100% Cute" JuJu 2007 on our patio in the backyard.

"Halloween 2009" was the year that Julia really figured out the whole trick or treat thing and dressed up as batgirl. It was also the year Tyler decided he was to old to dress up but not to old to get candy! Also shown are my nieces Bekah and Jamie.

"Share" layout photo taken in Old town Colfax during one of our family outings. Ryan and Liz bought their ice cream to share. Young love at it's best. I want my own ice cream after 32 years of marriage LOL!

12 layouts in 2 days. Yeah for me! I am back into the scrapping addiction for sure. "diva liz" I finished tonight. These shots are from ryan and liz's 2nd trip to cancun in 2009.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back into the swing of things

Well I sold the last of my ebay items from my store and cleaned my scrapbook room and am now officially a scrapper again and does it ever feel good! I worked on layouts this afternoon between bathing both dogs and normal house cleaning and babysitting Tyler and Julia.
Tonight I will be doing it again with a little less chaos around me so I should make great strides. It is really nice to be sitting and creating again but I sure have a lot to catch up on. I guess I will be needing some time at two peas and other sites catching up to the newest and the greatest things I need to buy!

Hopefully in the next day or two I will be able to start sharing my layouts I have made. I have a stack I want to scan but since I bought this new computer I have not found a free scanner program that will let me put the two sides of my scanned 12 x 12 pages. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears!

Spent a couple of hours on the phone with Noelle last night and it was great stuff! We haven't talked in so long and I miss our weekend chats huge. I hope we can talk more often now.

Am thinking of trying to put on a scrapals retreat this year some time but need to see how things go in the next couple of months. I already have a huge 50th bday bash get together for all of our classmates from high school planned in Reno in June. Since so many of us are turning or have turned 50 this year I thought it would be great if we all celebrated together. It seems to be shaping up to a huge event with lots of people coming :-)

Well off to scrapbook.............the addiction has bitten me again...............

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Done Whew

Thank goodness the Christmas season is over for this year. Normally I love the season but the past couple of years have been real bummers with death and sickness in our family so this year I am glad it is done and over with. We still managed to have a nice Christmas even with all the family members hospitalized and ill so I guess that says a lot for the strength of our family!

Now as always at the start of a new year I am in the mood to remodel, throwing out the old, painting, rearranging and redoing. I have tons of magazines and books stacked up to fold down pages on with ideas that I want to use. Now for the creative juices and the energy to kick in! LOL! We will make our trip to Lowes this weekend to fill the back of the truck up with wood, paint and other items to get started on this new adventure. I know I am going to put a long shelf in my dining room about 10 or so inches down from the ceiling to display some of my country and shabby items so that is a start on the creative process. Now to choose paint colors for the living room and dining room.

We have a new puppy named Emmitt who is a big ball of fur and he is fitting into our family very well. He is a 4 mth old Shih Tzu. He is learning quickly the rules of the house by following every step our other little dog Precious makes so it is making my job pretty easy as far as puppy training Thank goodness.

As always I have grand ideas of returning to my favorite hobby Scrapbooking. I am selling out my Ebay store so I have the room to be able to use my scraproom once again without piles of items to either be put on ebay or be mailed out. This will finally be the year that I scrap hundreds of pages since I have stacks of photos to do from the past 3 years. I will be sharing as I get back into my favorite past time!