Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Done Whew

Thank goodness the Christmas season is over for this year. Normally I love the season but the past couple of years have been real bummers with death and sickness in our family so this year I am glad it is done and over with. We still managed to have a nice Christmas even with all the family members hospitalized and ill so I guess that says a lot for the strength of our family!

Now as always at the start of a new year I am in the mood to remodel, throwing out the old, painting, rearranging and redoing. I have tons of magazines and books stacked up to fold down pages on with ideas that I want to use. Now for the creative juices and the energy to kick in! LOL! We will make our trip to Lowes this weekend to fill the back of the truck up with wood, paint and other items to get started on this new adventure. I know I am going to put a long shelf in my dining room about 10 or so inches down from the ceiling to display some of my country and shabby items so that is a start on the creative process. Now to choose paint colors for the living room and dining room.

We have a new puppy named Emmitt who is a big ball of fur and he is fitting into our family very well. He is a 4 mth old Shih Tzu. He is learning quickly the rules of the house by following every step our other little dog Precious makes so it is making my job pretty easy as far as puppy training Thank goodness.

As always I have grand ideas of returning to my favorite hobby Scrapbooking. I am selling out my Ebay store so I have the room to be able to use my scraproom once again without piles of items to either be put on ebay or be mailed out. This will finally be the year that I scrap hundreds of pages since I have stacks of photos to do from the past 3 years. I will be sharing as I get back into my favorite past time!